Anon of Us

This is a NSFW blog... if you are under 18 take a hike – And there you have it, my socially responsible disclaimer.

We are a happily married couple including a tall red headed 30 something female who is here to explore the things her mind has been dreaming up for as long as she can remember, and a 30 something male obsessed with unforgettable photographic images, and keeping the audience interested. You will find here that we are intrigued by the idea of a Dom/Sub relationship and the architecture of complete trust and respect that allows such a relationship to be successful. We have a love of the female form and of the photographer who can capture her taste and smell allowing us to visually take a bite. Some of the photos here are submissions or those we have found through browsing other Tumblr collections. If there is anything here that should not be – please contact me and it will respectfully deleted …. Other than that….we hope you enjoy.

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